Authors: C Abbess Published: 25 Nov 2016


Road traffic management consists on improving the traffic fluency on road networks, assigning dynamically the traffic flows, and reducing the number of traffic congestions states as well as their negative effects, i.e. blocking the emergency vehicles, delays, waiting time, drivers’ stress of emergency vehicles, air and noise pollution. the proposed algorithm consists in improving the traffic flow, i.e. the road network can support more vehicles without decreasing the average speed of vehicles, while taking into account the real-time road traffic information; and on the other hand, in reducing the number of traffic congestion situations by avoiding the massive use of the same road at the same time (i.e. providing the suggestion of itineraries with a lower travel times). This allows adjusting intelligently and promptly the road traffic in the network according to the real-time changes.This paper proposes a multi-agent system for path traffic management from swarm intelligence. The objective is to increase the quality of the entire path network, especially in case of congestion and jams, taking into account real-time traffic information and travel time of drivers to reach their destinations.
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