Authors: M Enoch Published: 06 May 2014


car parking policy is a crucial instrument in managing car use. Yet nowhere does there seem to be a taxonomic framework of the full range of car parking space ‘types’ that exist, nor of the available options to policy makers. accordingly, this short ‘think piece’ proposes a taxonomy of car parking spaces based on level of demand, location type, ownership, motivations, users, potential user restrictions, and type of technology. It then categorises supply and demand side car parking policies by type of instrument used and means of (stakeholder) delivery. next it points out that in many areas there is an oversupply of parking; that privately-owned spaces have been particularly ignored by researchers, practitioners and policy makers; and that monitoring and control activities are complex to undertake. Finally, it recommends that the parking sector adopt be more holistic when considering parking; collect more detailed information on car parking supply, utilisation patterns and impacts; and seek to better understand how car parking provision and policies integrate into the wider transport system and society generally.
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