Authors: Published: 12 Feb 2014


The NYCDOT instituted the Midtown In Motion (MIM) project to promote multimodal mobility in the Midtown Core of Manhattan, a 110 square block area or “zone” from 2nd to 6th Avenues, 42nd to 57th Streets. The MIM Project utilizes “Active Traffic Management (ATM)” and the full capabilities of the NYCDOT ITS infrastructure -- advanced solid-state traffic controllers, network of sensors (video, microwave, electronic toll collection readers), wireless communication system, and the New York City Traffic Control System software system that manages the project. MIM provides signal timing changes on two levels: Level 1 is strategic and implemented by avenue, to rebalance the traffic entering the zone by changing the signal plan on the avenue approach to the zone. Level 2 is more tactical, in that it is designed to address shorter–term fluctuations of “severity” of congestion on competing approaches (avenues and crosstown streets) at certain key intersections, and adjust the allocation of green time to alleviate a localized congestion problem that is developing. The overall application was large-scale, complex, and cost-effective (the incremental investment was less than $2.0M US). Evaluation and planning for expansion of the zone is underway.
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