• The SCOOT on-line traffic signal optimisation technique
    This paper examines the SCOOT on-line traffic signal optimisation technique.
  • Using linked MOVA control on a small roundabout.
    Research for Helen Robinson’s MSc dissertation, carried out at the Hobby Horse roundabout in Leicestershire, suggested shortcycle fixed time plans would result in significantly lower average delays than the single stream MOVA that was currently [...]
  • Aboveground SCOOT and MOVA.
    Keith Manston of Siemens Traffic Solutions chronicles the development of the Siemens Heimdall above ground detectors for SCOOT and MOVA. He reviews the performance of the detectors in a controlled test environment and also describes their successful [...]
  • Simulating and Implementing a SCOOT UTC Strategy for a Planned Event
    A UTC strategy for the SCOOT region within the Surrey town of Esher was developed to improve the management of event traffic during the Hampton Court Palace Flower Show. Following Biora et al. (1995) ‘A Best Practice Manual for Innovative UTC [...]