Authors: K Verduyn, L DeValck, K Organe, M Schevernels Published: 11 Mar 2011


As the use of traffic models in a planning context steadily grows, the need has arisen to be able to evaluate traffic safety based on microsimulations, thus allowing for an ex-ante evaluation of the effects of certain traffic management measures. To this end, a tool was conceived to calculate several acknowledged safety indicators based on the standard output of the VISSIM microsimulation program. One additional parameter was constructed to evaluate the risks involved with lane-change manoeuvres, as such was not readily available in literature. The resulting output was evaluated for two simulations with two scenarios each. The output showed the expected differences between the scenarios whilst ignoring the minor differences between the five runs of each scenario. This proved the usability of the tool, although the exact boundaries and sensitivity of the calculated indicators should be determined during more extensive utilisation of the tool.
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