Traffic management, transport and engineering papers listed by topic.
  • Traffic management (89)
    The management and control of the road network by local authorities and private sector contractors and consultants to help deliver efficiency and improved road safety and carbon reductions.

  • Transport planning (62)
    Transport planning is about preparing, assessing and implementing policies, plans and projects to improve and manage our transport systems. There is a need for transport planning on a local, regional, national and international level. It can involve understanding the link between transport and the future shape of our towns and cities, the economy, the environment and climate change, and the quality of life.

  • Transport (26)
    The design, planning and implementation of transport systems across the globe that help provide the catalyst for ease of movement and the driver for economic growth as well as improve the environment.

  • Road safety (20)
    The analysis of techniques implemented either by product or by engineering design to improve safety on the road network.

  • Microsimulisation modelling (19)
    The analysis and implementation of road traffic and transport micro-simulation models used to plot movements and measurements based on using car following, lane changing and gap acceptance rules. They are becoming increasingly popular for the evaluation and development of road traffic management and control systems and provide an aggregated representation of traffic, typically expressed in terms of total flows per hour.

  • Traffic (18)
    The co-ordination of traffic flow by implementing a variety of measures to improve the road network making it more efficient and easier to navigate as well as improve congestion levels and improve road safety.

  • Mass Transit (15)
    The tracking, implementation and development of transportation systems, usually publicly but sometimes privately owned and operated, designed to move large numbers of people in various types of vehicles in cities, suburbs, and large metropolitan areas.

  • ITS (14)
    Intelligent Transport Systems are a combination of Information Technology and telecommunications applied to road transport to improve efficiency and safety and to improve traffic control and enforcement of traffic regulations.

  • Sustainable transport (12)
    The development and implementation of any means of transport with low impact on the environment, and includes non-motorised transport,including walking and cycling, transit oriented development, green vehicles, carsharing and the building or protecting urban transport systems that are fuel-efficient, space-saving and promote healthy lifestyles.

  • Advanced Traffic Controller (ATC) (8)

  • UTMC (5)
    The Urban Traffic Management Control or UTMC programme is the main initiative of the UK Department for Transport for the development of a more open approach to Intelligent Transport Systems in urban areas. UTMC systems are designed to allow the different applications used within modern traffic management systems to communicate and share information with each other.

  • SCOOT and MOVA integration (4)
    SCOOT and MOVA are now well established strategies for adaptive traffic control and their integration crucial for present and future development of the two systems.

  • congestion management (3)

  • Roads (2)
    The management, development and implementation of techniques via new product development or engineering design that improve efficiency on the road network.

  • congestion pricing (2)

  • Traffic Road safety (2)

  • Traffic light technology (1)
    The development of traffic signals by design of new products and the strategies behind the positioning and use of the signals.

  • Roads (1)

  • Traffic signals (1)

  • real time traffic monitoring (1)

  • Traffic management (1)

  • Traffic management ITS (1)

  • e-commerce (1)

  • Urban-area transportation systems planning issues. (1)

  • Effective transportation (1)

  • Traffic management (1)

  • Traffic Flow (1)

  • Center-symmetric Local binary pattern (1)