Authors: H Ahola Published: 22 Aug 2016


In the past 30 months our research team worked out a model and simulation system for surface public transport named TraffSim. The key concept of TraffSim is to break down the system of public transportation to the smallest possible entities, and then use these entities through any arbitrary logic to build up a model that can be simulated, and employ these simulations for the inspection of the traffic system. We consider this approach to be a microscopic point of view. The opportunity for the detailed planning and implementation of the project has arisen in 2014-2016 by gaining funding for the project. The implementation phase of the project spans 30 months, and it is divided into four stages. This paper summarizes the results of the preparations for TraffSim and the work done on it in the past almost two years that amounts to the first three stages. At the same time it must be noted, that the TraffSim project is far from concluded. The objective of the coming stage is to implement the software for the theoretical solutions and to verify the model’s efficacy.
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