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Private hire taxi insurers attitudes to risk are changing post-COVID-19

Almost every industry across the world in some shape or form has been impacted by the coronavirus crisis that is still largely present and poses a risk to millions. Many employers have had to rethink how employees carry out their duties during these unprecedented times, with many now working from home where possible. Although, not everyone has this option. Taxi drivers have been particularly affected by the pandemic through various ways.

Social distancing impossible inside taxis

To start with, it has been extremely challenging to maintain a safe 2-metre distance (as recommended by the Government) when inside the taxi with a passenger. Demand has plummeted for their services, and those that would use this method of transportation are thinking twice before pre-booking their next journey. Additionally, private hire taxi insurance remains a considerable expense. As most drivers are self-employed, the process used to access government support funds has been quite difficult, with many finding that they are not eligible.

The costs don’t stop there either, drivers must sanitise their vehicles to minimise the risk of transmission, some have installed plastic perpex screens to separate themselves from their customers, and there are a few horror stories out there of a small number of drivers using makeshift shower curtains.

At the start of the pandemic the guidelines on what practices should be followed were somewhat murky and caused quite a lot of confusion, for both drivers and passengers. Fortunately, now that time and extra thought has been given to each industry, guidelines are a lot clearer.

Unfortunately, it remains to be seen how this will all play out for private hire taxi insurers. Inevitably, their attitudes to risk will alter post COVID-19. The obvious change that all motorists will see right away, especially taxi drivers, is an Increase in the annual premium.

Lockdown hit private hire taxi drivers hardest

During lockdown restrictions, which were in effect towards the end of March, the number of cars on UK roads decreased considerably as the population was advised to remain at home unless it was essential to leave the home. This meant that there were significantly less vehicles on the roads, which resulted in fewer incidents taking place. Great news for insurers, as there were less claims to pay out on. Some firms even offered a partial refund to customers as a way to pass on these savings. It was also a great time to compare private hire insurance for taxi drivers as the costs were slightly lower. Nevertheless, this was only temporary, and as the number of drivers getting behind the wheel each month increase, the price of cover is set to rise due to the increased number of cars back on public roads.

No doubt, insurance companies’ attitudes to risk will be more pronounced in the months ahead as the economy starts to reopen. The level of cover on offer may be altered, many new policies will be rewritten to reflect on the experiences from coronavirus. Most notably, the wording in the health and medical sections may even be overhauled to prevent large numbers of people from claiming on these grounds, especially if it is even remotely related to coronavirus.

The above will also impact third party public liability claims against private hire taxi drivers, as no insurer will want to assume any sort of responsibility if government regulations are now to be followed strictly to the letter.

With that being said, it will be beneficial to highlight how private hire taxi drivers and passengers should travel safely moving forwards.

The impact on transport due to COVID-19

Coronavirus can be limited if more people choose to walk or cycle, rather than rely on public or private hire transportation. Although, this isn’t possible in every scenario and it is accepted that these services are essential for many. Hands should be washed and sanitized regularly, especially when getting in and out of a taxi. Private hire drivers should ensure vehicles are thoroughly wiped down before each journey commences.

Social distancing should still largely remain in effect where possible. There should be some sort of barrier between the private hire driver and customer when inside a taxi e.g. clear plastic perpex screens. Avoiding the busiest routes and the rush hour will reduce congestion and minimise potential contact with others.

Anyone who is experiencing any coronavirus symptoms should not travel whatsoever, as they are putting the general public at risk. This also applies to anyone who is self-isolating as a result of coronavirus symptoms. Those who have been advised to self-isolate by the NHS test and trace service should do so.

It goes without saying that anyone who has tested positive for coronavirus should self-isolate for a minimum of 10 days, starting from the day the test was taken. If you are using a taxi or private hire vehicle, you should wear a face covering. Those that do not wear a face covering may be refused entry by a taxi or private hire operator. If you’re unable to maintain a 2-metre distance, the risk can still be reduced by maintaining a 1-metre distance where possible.

It’s always a good idea to check with your driver if they have put in place any additional safety measures before travelling. Contactless payments are highly recommended, alternatively check to see if you’re able to pay online in advance. Be aware of any surfaces you touch and remember not to touch your face. Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or the inside of your elbow when coughing or sneezing.

Finally, on completion of the journey, ensure you wash or sanitise your hands as quickly as possible. This will ultimately keep both passengers and private hire taxi drivers safe through reduced infection transmission.

The Impact of Using the Digital Environment in Transport


With the internet causing a lot of distress in ordinary life, it is important that people have the right influence, which can impact the business environment. The time is changing, and the seller and the buyer do not meet physically and are trying to trade with the right online world. The wide availability of the internet has given us access to have the ability to trade in the online world. The wide availability has allowed people for the right opportunities when it comes to riding with someone who is on the same journey as it can have many benefits. The aim is to provide a proper understanding of the operations in the digital world where the models can work on everything.

The startups are something that everyone is well aware of where one can have a new expansion into the whole world. There are companies like Uber who are trying o make sure that the services are made easier and comfortable. The Uber offers its services with the help of a mobile app, which can allow people to connect to the car service immediately. The company with their services can provide the right services with a valid license which and a clean record. It currently operates on many companies based on the same principle that has managed to expand to other countries.

 Digital Environment

With companies like Uber entering the market, it is easy to see that they are many positive benefits that the company has faced. These companies try to use SWOT analysis to help determine the strengths and weaknesses of the place and try to catch all the possibilities and the confusion. It is important that people use the digital platform, which includes simplification of the use of transportation. Also, with Uber, we can see that there is a limited extension of growth and unavailability. With drivers using such platforms, we can see that the strict requirements are not causing any serious effects. This provides constant fear for the taxi drivers who use the market with this platform, and this creates a threat to their services.


With the digital platform in transportation representing an opportunity, we can see that there is a profit for services. The future for the digital platform in transport is about the passengers and creating an opportunity to diversify the services, which include food delivery or delivery of goods from e-shops. With the number of smartphone users growing, there is also interest in digital services. There is a continuous innovation process that pushes people t develop and work harder to bring in newer and newer updates to their services.  This has created an efficient place for people to have an effective network.

The taxi industry: working conditions and health of drivers, a literature review

Taxi Industry

The taxi industry plays a very important role, which can allow you to have the right urban transportation when it comes to mobility. It is also an industry that provides employment for a lot of people who are also responsible for the circulation of money. It is a flexible means of transportation which helps you arriving at any destination. The taxi industry is organized in many countries, but there is a need for a lot of understanding when it comes to working conditions, health, exposure, road crashes, etc., to help understand their problem and try to find the right solution.

Understanding the problem requires one to have the right representation where there are officials responsible for bringing discipline to the public officials, which provide for transportation, road safety, and health policies. We are trying to understand the comprehensive understanding of their working conditions and the risk of road accidents, and the health conditions which is caused by the workers. There is still a lot of information needed to understand their behaviors and understand the best coping methods and protective strategies and behaviors one person can learn over the years.


The initial search started with the data being collected while trying to understand the possible lines of research which allowed people to understand the ways in which they can easily reduce the workload, establish a practical recommendation and also help ensure that the workload is suited for them which can help promote healthy living. Also, the research allowed people to understand better ways to diagnose and detect any threat to their health, which can be caused by unhealthy eating and stress. This also allows people to understand and develop new programs that allow one to understand the right work concerns and broaden the coping mechanism for positive change.

When it comes to the urban economy, we can see that the taxi industry plays an important which also offer employment opportunities. This is true for many young people who cannot find a job which can be sufficient for their families. There are also many young people who cannot find the right jobs as this allows them to have sufficient income, which is enough to help support their families.


Another fact when helping taxis with low-interest loans, is one can easily enable them to upgrade their vehicle, which can allow you to have a better service to their customers. The service performance also significantly affected the self-satisfaction of paratransit drivers. The decision to pay the taxi drivers needs to be made carefully. This impacts their quality of life and allows one to have a satisfactory operation in providing the right transportation services.

Ride-sharing: The rise of innovative transportation services


There is a lot changing in urban space, especially when it comes to transportation services. Ridesharing allows people to have the right innovative transportation strategies, which enable the users to have the right short term access to transportation whenever needed. This also includes enjoying various forms of transportation such as car sharing, bike sharing, carpooling ad other platform-based ride services.  There is a lot of data that shows that individuals opt for alternative traveling options to help enable new technologies and business models, which can provide individuals with more choices. This convenience of riding your phone and sharing your ride with co-workers allows people to have the right ride-sharing experience.

Digitized solutions

With a digital platform-based business model, it creates value by connecting the individuals with becoming more common through evolution. There are many industries trying to shift their focus towards the platform-based models, allowing people to access your information with just a click of a button. There are transportation startups Lyft, Uber, BlaBlaCar who are trying to advantage of the business model, which can help them collectively make the right business model.

The Power of Uber

Uber, in recent years, has quadrupled and is leaving a footprint all around the world. The company’s economic growth is a topic of debate as some claim that Uber has unfairly taken markets to share its services. Although it is easy to hail a taxi, the inconstant payment methods, vehicle conditions, poor customer service can allow people to choose otherwise. Even with the ease of use, it is essential that companies like Uber have the right development platform, which can adapt to increasing competition.

Shared rides

There are many startups and large companies that are showing great support for the ride-sharing movement. The response for consumers on ride-sharing platforms has its positive as it allows you to have tremendous global growth. There are many pushbacks on the important issue to platform-based services, which can have better-concerning issues for both riders and drivers.

Shared rides

With these services, the rider can be sure that the driver is registered, licensed, and insured, which can allow people better security. There are many who have diligently tried to provide solutions to the drivers and passengers who have implemented the right feature. Also, the feedback structure provides a system that addresses many inherent trust issues caused by people entering a stranger’s car. There is also a need for quick responses, which will help the passengers keep track of the safety of the customers and implement proper action.  This is especially true when your passengers is a female as their safety should be your first priority and addressing and tackling them will give your company the advantage of maintain loyal customers.