Authors: D Robertson Published: 04 May 2010


Currently, drivers use their road networks inefficiently, because their trip choices do not minimise the totals of the various costs that their journeys impose on others. Hence, the need for this now feasible driver-guide-pay (DGP) system to exchange real-time data with each DGP driver, and to guide them along least-cost routes to their destinations, where they pay their minimised trip cost totals to, or via the system. DGP drivers could lower their trip costs more by, as an example, carrying system found DGP passengers to pre-booked system found DGP parking spaces, for system found DGP taxies to take them, and maybe other system found DGP people to their destinations. All such costminimising actions by DGP drivers could benefit both them, and their societies, for the reasons given. This paper outlines how DGP system components could work, how tax-breaks could persuade drivers to become DGP ones, and how ongoing global ITS projects could help to make DGP systems work in reliable and cost-efficient ways.
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