The taxi industry: working conditions and health of drivers, a literature review

Taxi Industry

The taxi industry plays a very important role, which can allow you to have the right urban transportation when it comes to mobility. It is also an industry that provides employment for a lot of people who are also responsible for the circulation of money. It is a flexible means of transportation which helps you arriving at any destination. The taxi industry is organized in many countries, but there is a need for a lot of understanding when it comes to working conditions, health, exposure, road crashes, etc., to help understand their problem and try to find the right solution.

Understanding the problem requires one to have the right representation where there are officials responsible for bringing discipline to the public officials, which provide for transportation, road safety, and health policies. We are trying to understand the comprehensive understanding of their working conditions and the risk of road accidents, and the health conditions which is caused by the workers. There is still a lot of information needed to understand their behaviors and understand the best coping methods and protective strategies and behaviors one person can learn over the years.


The initial search started with the data being collected while trying to understand the possible lines of research which allowed people to understand the ways in which they can easily reduce the workload, establish a practical recommendation and also help ensure that the workload is suited for them which can help promote healthy living. Also, the research allowed people to understand better ways to diagnose and detect any threat to their health, which can be caused by unhealthy eating and stress. This also allows people to understand and develop new programs that allow one to understand the right work concerns and broaden the coping mechanism for positive change.

When it comes to the urban economy, we can see that the taxi industry plays an important which also offer employment opportunities. This is true for many young people who cannot find a job which can be sufficient for their families. There are also many young people who cannot find the right jobs as this allows them to have sufficient income, which is enough to help support their families.


Another fact when helping taxis with low-interest loans, is one can easily enable them to upgrade their vehicle, which can allow you to have a better service to their customers. The service performance also significantly affected the self-satisfaction of paratransit drivers. The decision to pay the taxi drivers needs to be made carefully. This impacts their quality of life and allows one to have a satisfactory operation in providing the right transportation services.

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