Authors: M Abbas Published: 31 Mar 2017


Road accidents are increasing rapidly in India alongside the massive increase in traffic density. As a result, there has been a huge loss of life and damage to property. The location of road where the maximum number of accidents occurs is known as a Black Spot as it is in many other parts of the world. This paper charts the progress of a study to analyise the road safety issues in the region from Chaudhriwas, Hisar to Hisar City on NH-65 in the state of Haryana and to identify countermeasures for the stretch so that black spots can be identified and road safety can be improved in the future. A stretch of 19.5 km has been taken into consideration for this study. In this paper, the road accidents have been identified alongside their causes, variations with respect to yearly, monthly, hourly, user type, vehicle, ageand seasonal factors as well as black spots. These have been focused on and suggestions and conclusions have been given to help reduce accidents on this stretch of road so it can become more resilient as a network in general and safer for the travelling public.
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