Authors: J Riemersma Published: 18 Mar 2016


In this paper, a microscopic simulation model for overtaking in opposing traffic and its application is presented. Core elements of the model are sub models to determine the desire to overtake, the decision to initiate the overtaking process and the actual execution of the overtaking process. The model includes rules to abort an overtaking maneuver and allows overtaking of platoons of vehicles. The functionality of the model and its sensitivity with respect to the main model parameters (look ahead distance, overtaking speed and the assumed speed of the oncoming vehicles) and more general networks characteristics (traffic volumes in overtaking lane and opposing lane, length of overtaking lane, truck percentage) is analyzed as a proof of concept. Finally, the model is applied to analyze the potential impact of connected vehicles on the overtaking behavior, showing that the number of overtaken vehicles may significantly increase, assuming an improved knowledge of the surrounding traffic conditions through vehicle connectivity.
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