Authors: Published: 28 Nov 2015


With the rapid development of motor vehicles and insufficient resource of freeway’s capacity, credit assigned-cerebellar model articulation controller (CA-CMAC) is designed based on second order model and applied the model on on-ramp electronic toll collection (ETC). It is found that this method can make the mainline traffic flow maintain on desired level. The highly nonlinear freeway traffic flow is modeled by second order model to find the optimal parameters used for Credit Assignment and import these optimal parameters to CA-CMAC. After that, the optimized strategy of on-ramp ETC is obtained to make the flow, density and speed of the traffic to be maintained on a desired level. At the same time, a feedback controller is designed to make the error falls in an acceptable range. Finally, the system simulation is carried out by MATLAB software. Simulation result is similar to the expected one. It can control the number of vehicles efficiently and keep the freeway unblocked.
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